Welcome to The Cloth Club.

Our brand new scheme to reward our most loyal customers!

Cloth Club

Cloth Club


Launches Soon

Next time you're on-stall, why not join Cloth Club, our brand new loyalty scheme that rewards our customers!


Sign Up


It's quick and easy to join Cloth Club:


1. Visit Barry's of Norwich on Stalls 154 & 161, Row H, Norwich Market. 


2. Ask to sign up for Cloth Club. 


3. Register your card online, for free and start collecting points!


You'll earn points on every purchase you make at Barry's of Norwich over £10, and we'll give you real Cloth Club card, which you can also download to your smartphone or tablet - so you never have to worry about losing it!


Earn Points


We've also got many ingenious ways to earn points:


Basic Punches

Earn 1 point for every purchase you make


Regular Customer

Earn 3 points if you make a purchase every month for at least 2 months in a row


First Customer of the Day

Earn 2 bonus points for being the first customer to swipe their Cloth Club card every day


The Socialite

Earn 2 points for every additional customer you bring to the stall who makes a purchase and isn't already a Cloth Club member


Most Frequent Customer

Earn 10 points for being the customer to swipe their Cloth Club card the most in one month


Luckiest Customer

Every month, all registered customers will be entered into a prize draw for 10 bonus points. 


The Registerer

Earn 3 points just for registering your card!

*points can only be earned on purchases over £10


The Rewards

The Rewards

£5 Off

Get £5 off any purchase on-stall



Free Fashion Pattern

Choose from any of our fashion patterns to take home for free!



Be the Buyer

You will have free reign to choose 5 fabrics you would like us to stock.


Terms apply.